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The Arizona Centennial Salsa

Celebrating Arizona’s 100th Anniversary

We believe in the motto “Enjoy Life, Eat Fresh!”

FreshAZ LLC, prides itself in producing a naturally rich nutritious product that contains no vinegar or unhealthy preservatives, using only the Earth’s freshest produce.  FreshAZ Salsas are densely packed with vegetables, fruits, and herbs providing health benefits to support your immune system. Just like your weekly bought milk and eggs we believe in fresh produce without harmful preservatives to extend the shelf life. Read more about our salsa ingredients on Our Salsa Page

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FreshAZ Mango Blue Salsa FreshAZ Sonora Salsa
Mango Blue Salsa
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Sonora Salsa
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FreshAZ Salsa!
A few facts about FreshAZ Salsa!
  • Citrus, rich in Arizona history and Vitamin C
  • Helps support immune system
  • No vinegar/artificial preservatives
  • Healthy antioxidants (Fire roasted tomatoes w/lycopene)
  • Sweet Basil – Antibacterial – Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant
  • Great source of vegetables (packed with fresh herbs)
  • Fresh garlic containing the natural antibiotic Allicin
  • Great on meats (omelet’s, baked potatoes, burgers, fish, pork, pizza, chicken, turkey, beans, cheese, dips, brown rice)
  • Greatest new vegetable for meats since sauerkraut
  • Spices with healthy antioxidants, may aide digestion and explodes w/chili’s old world rich flavor
  • Heat – a medium hot releases endorphins

Go ahead! Support your immune system and grab some Arizona Centennial  FreshAZ Salsa.
As David says, 
  “When the chips start cracking, the barriers start falling and the real mingling begins!”